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This document is required in order for a player to play in an age group higher than their birth year. the final decision will be based on player ability and skill level and not based of player or parent preference . The final decision will be made by the Director of Coaching and the Coach of the higher age group. All Decisions are final.

This Document is required to request a scholarship for the Spring Season. Scholarships are needs based and are evaluated on a case by case basis. The expectation for any family that receives a scholarship is they will provide help to the club when requested (field lining, maintenance days at the indoor facility, volunteering for fundraising efforts etc.) The decision on Scholarship is decided by the executive committee and club registrar . Any information shared during the scholarship request will be confidential and only shared with the required parties. 

This Document are the laws and rules that govern the club . If you have any questions or clarification needed please reach out to a member of the board ( see the board tab)

Use this form to document an incident that occurs at a game or practice. Once completed, email the form to the Secretary (see the board tab)